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Gardening Tips

Helpful garden tips on growing healthy and productive plants in your food garden.
  1. Plant vegetables in 75% organic soil for vegetables and 25% composted cow manure.
  2. Vegetable plants need 8 hours of direct sunlight.
  3. Water deeply (3 inches), every other day.
  4. Use a water soluble fertilizer for vegetables, once a week.
  5. Always direct water onto the soil, not the plant, to minimize fungus.
  6. Remove lateral shoots or suckers off tomato plant to improve the quality of the fruit, weekly.
  7. Use a calcium supplement on tomatoes to eliminate black spots. Gently wet the foliage of the plant with a diluted mixture of the calcium supplement. Apply weekly after the plant begins to bear fruit..
  8. Use Insecticidal soap for bugs on the plants. Use this product as needed.
  9. Use blossom-set spray for tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, melons, okra and strawberries. Completely wet the foliage around the blossoms to improve blossom set and fruit yield. Use this product weekly after blossoms are present.
  10. Use Garden Dust Powder to control insects and disease on vegetable plants.
  11. Cut off tomato leaves that are dying or wilting
    on the plant. This will reduce the spread of fungus or diseases on the plant.
  12. Add extra support to the tomato plant, due to the increased crop yield.
  13. Reduced blossoms on the plant are due to stress. The plant is either not getting enough sun light, receives inadequate water, the plant is too hot (over 86 degrees), too cold (under 58 degrees)
    or is infected with insects or fungus. Once these problems are corrected the plant will begin to blossom again.
  14. Use a temporary fence around the garden to protect plants from wildlife.
  15. If you are using upside down containers, use supporting stakes into the soil and tie the plant to the stake.
    This will prevent the main stem from breaking during windy conditions.
  16. Always read and follow all manufacturer’s instructions on gardening products, prior to use.
  17. Keep the VegiBee garden pollinator out of the reach of children.