VegiBee Garden Pollinators

Bill Whaley, President
VegiBee, LLC

SAINT LOUIS, MO, May 3, 2013 – Innovative gardening tools that ensure bumper crops of vegetables for commercial growers and home food gardeners were recently featured in the April 25 th edition of the New York Times, in an article titled Gadgets to Help Tend a Garden. According to the Times, “the future is knocking at the door of home gardening. And, if some do-it-yourselfers have their way, there is no aspect of nature that can’t be improved with a rechargeable motor and a sensor”.

In the article, Bill Whaley, President of VegiBee, LLC is quoted as saying he invented VegiBee “after a disappointing tomato yield”. Whaley is also quoted as saying that after inventing VegiBee, his tomato “harvest increased 38 percent”.

To learn more about VegiBee as it appears in the Time’s article, click here: 2013/04/25/technology/personaltech/calling-on-gadgetry-to-keep-the-garden-growing.html? partner=rss&emc=rss&smid=tw-nytimes&_r=0

About VegiBee Garden Pollinators

VegiBee Garden Pollinators are designed to imitate the high frequency vibrations made by a bee’s wings during pollination. They create sonic vibrations that gently release pollen from the flower onto a specially designed collection spoon. In a matter of seconds, enough pollen is collected to pollinate 4-5 flowers by dipping the flower stigma from the same plant into the collected pollen. These pollinators will boost the average garden yield by more than 30% annually.

VegiBee Garden Pollinators are ideal for use on all tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, eggplants and strawberries. These self-pollinating plants possess the “perfect flower”, containing both male and female reproductive parts in the same flower. VegiBee helps to overcome low crop yields in these plants, caused by shrinking bee populations and home gardens sheltered from the wind.

With VegiBee, gardeners will enjoy an abundance of fresh homegrown produce, for a fraction of the cost of vegetables purchased at the store. And with the increased yields obtained with VegiBee, most gardeners will recover the cost of the unit in less than one growing season.

For many years, commercial growers have used electric pollinating wands to pollinate their vegetable plants, but these wands cost up to $300. The VegiBee Garden Pollinators offer the gardening enthusiast a more affordable options at just $49.99 for the rechargeable unit and $29.99 for the recently released battery- powered model.

All prices include free shipping. Both pollinators come with a six-month conditional warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

VegiBee Garden Pollinators can be purchased online at