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VegiBee Garden Pollinator – Express – Battery Operated (VGP – 02)


The VegiBee Garden Pollinators were designed to dramatically improve the productivity of the home food
garden. The VegiBee plant-pollinator can be used on all tomatoes, peppers, peas, beans, and eggplant.
These plants can self- pollinate, but due to protected gardens that reduce the wind and smaller bee
populations, crop yields have been reduced.

The Vegibee Garden Pollinators use sonic vibrations to shake the pollen out
of the flower. The VegiBee system adds a pollen spoon to capture all of the released pollen so that
additional flowers on the same vegetable plant can be pollinated. This simple extra step will improve
the yield in your garden by 30% or more.

VegiBee is the cure for your struggling home garden.

Purchase your VegiBee today!

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Additional information


The VegiBee™ Garden Pollinators are hand-held electric plant pollinators that will improve the productivity of your home food garden, by more than 30%.

Product Contents

1 VegiBee™ garden pollinator with a vibration reduction handle

1 vibrating wand (18 cm long)

1 spoon (18 cm) for pollen collection

1 Base unit

1 operating instructions booklet with warranty information.

Product Specifications

Sonic pollinator with 38,000 vibrations per minute

Sound wave technology

1pc AA battery-included

Water resistant design


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